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Minister : Information and Publicity, Film Technology and Cinematograph Act, Stationery and Printing and Government Press, Implementation of Special Programmes including implemenation of the Election manifesto.
Constituency : Sivakasi
Party : AIADMK
Date of Birth : 28/Jul/1964     Age : 49
Gender : male
Occupation : Business
Address : No.59,Balaji Nagar,Sukkiravarpatti Road,Thiruthangal,SivakasiTaluk-626 130.
Email Id. : mlasivakasi@tn.gov.in
Website :
Contact Nos. : 9443343799

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your performance is good... Read More..

by vignesh, edhirkottai, india, 11/Sep/2012 15:26

Hai Sir ... Read More..

by Prakash, sivakasi, tamilnadu, 13/Jul/2012 11:25

Dear sir, Thi is stalin from Dharmapuri -belongs to viswakarma - 9952752399... Read More..

by stalin, Dharmapuri, india, 15/Nov/2011 19:10

Industrial town will certainly become city easier. but in sivakasi lot ana lot of industries are there..not having quality education, neat environment, no tourist spots..everything...why such criticism for sivakasi. it should be get change......we should aware to grow our town...... Read More..

by prakash, sivakasi, tamilnadu, 29/Oct/2011 13:52

sivakasi ondriyam,saminatham panchayath s.pudupatti dear sir unka paru nelaithu nekura mari yalam saikaaa. . . . Oru nala puka(park) kondu vagaa sir ... Read More..

by marees kumar ba.bl, sivakasi, india, 28/Oct/2011 22:09


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